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6 Wooden Eggs in Cardboard Egg Carton

Your child will LOVE playing kitchen with these wooden toy eggs in a traditional cardboard carton. Our 3.5yo preschooler cooks us all sorts of meals! We talk about where the eggs come from, and he regularly helps me make cupcakes by cracking the eggs from our fridge, so the toy wooden eggs are a lovely extension of his cooking time with me. He gets very creative in his own little kitchen and this innovative yet simple toy lets his imagination run wild. If your little one doesn't have a play kitchen, you could even offer to store the toy eggs in the big fridge!

The Eggs are also an ideal item to use when playing shop!

The wooden eggs make a delightful gift - at an ideal price point during party season!

Another affordable, wonderfully-designed educational preschool toy by Australian wooden toy maker, Fun Factory.

3 brown and 3 white wooden eggs in cardboard egg carton.
Measures 14cm x 11cm x 7cm
Child-safe paint
Recommended for 3+
Great for imaginative play.