a skulk of foxes on indie art & design

Launched by jewellery designer Natalie Cirillo in 2006, a skulk of foxes offers us a creative mix of sterling silver, acrylic and timber jewellery. While many of Natalie's designs are based around animal shapes and silhouettes (including the cool new X-Ray series), others are more delicate and feminine, featuring floral motifs and crochet patterns.
Designs such as the Lovebirds sterling silver necklaces are incredibly beautiful, and VERY popular! (We received so many lovely comments about the Lovebirds necklace during our Finders Keepers Avalanche of Prizes...)
We love the sweet & quirkly feel of a skulk of foxes' range, and are delighted to offer a selection of our favourite designs - earrings, pendants and brooches in both silver and acrylic, so something to suit everybody!