Digit Leather Cluster Small - Clay Brown

  • Digit Leather Cluster Small - Clay Brown by Mainichi

Mainichi has created this small version of the "Digit" necklace from recycled off cuts of upholstery leather in a clay brown colour. We love the shape of this piece - it sits so beautifully in a scoop neckline!
Each soft piece of upholstery leather has been cut by hand into a long, thin, finger like shape, punched with a hole and then threaded onto a length of dark brown leather thonging. You can wear this piece with either the suede or leather side showing, which gives you two necklaces in one!
The smallest piece of leather measures 2.5cm (1") long and the largest about 9cm (3.5")long, and each piece is around 1.2cm (0.5") wide. The width of the cluster overall is about 11cm (4.3") fanned out and the leather thonging is 94cm (3' 1")long which gives you plenty of scope to wear this piece short as a choker or long as a pendant.
Mainichi pieces have been handmade by Melbourne-based designer Dearne Herrenberg. The materials used often inform the design and also
reflect the philosophy behind the name (Mainichi translates from Japanese as "everyday").
Mainichi design inverts the concept of precious jewellery. There are no precious metals or jewels in these pieces, instead, unexpected, ordinary and everyday materials become pieces of wearable art.