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Small Shinzo Leather & Felt Necklace - brown & pink

  • Small Shinzo Leather & Felt Necklace - brown, beige & pink by Mainichi

Mainichi has created this Shinzo necklace from brown, beige and pink felt, cut into circular shapes and stitched together to form three double sided medallions. Dearne has a real flair for colour & texture (not surprising since her background is interior design!), and the pink stitching brings the Shinzo medallions together beautifully.
The medallions are suspended on two strands of brown leather thonging. These shorter Shinzos are perfectly suited for big and little girls!
Mainichi pieces have been handmade by Melbourne-based designer Dearne Herrenberg. The materials used often inform the design and also
reflect the philosophy behind the name (Mainichi translates from Japanese as "everyday").
Mainichi design inverts the concept of precious jewellery. There are no precious metals or jewels in these pieces, instead, unexpected, ordinary and everyday materials become pieces of wearable art.
Size: 48cm (18.9") long.
Circles range from 5cm (2") to 6.5cm (2.6") diameter.